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The Financial Ombudsman Institution (FOI) is an alternative dispute resolution scheme which was established pursuant to the Financial Consumer Protection Act to deal exclusively with civil disputes arising from financial products or services between financial consumers and financial service providers. If a filed complaint of the aforementioned dispute cannot be resolved, the financial consumer may apply to the FOI for the ombudsman services.

The FOI also provides online ombudsman services. An applicant may submit the case online by uploading the application form, personal identification and other relevant documents. For further details, please refer to the specific site of online ombudsman services.

Be sure to submit the following while applying for online ombudsman services:

    • ☑ Ombudsman application form
    • ☑ The application form signed or sealed by the applicant (and the agent)
    • ☑ A letter of appointment signed or sealed by the applicant and the agent if an agent is appointed
    • ☑ A double-sides photocopy of the applicant's (and agent's) identity card
    • ☑ Relevant supporting documents for applying ombudsman services
Last Update:2021-09-28
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