Financial Ombudsman Institution

Dispute over Small Amount Remittance Services

Hi! We are the Financial Ombudsman Institution. In Taiwan we offer the alternative dispute resolution scheme that is responsible to resolve disputes between financial consumer and financial services enterprises. If you’re facing financial consumer dispute over small remittance through legal channels, such as the money you had remitted was not received by your family, the remitted money your family had received was short or other circumstances, please agree the following declaration, and filled out the complaint form, FOI will assist in handling your complaint.


I would like the Financial Ombudsman Institution (also known as FOI) to look into my complaint. Where you agree to any of the following statements, you can withdraw your consent at any time.

To the best of my knowledge, everything I have told you is correct.

  1. I understand that, to help resolve my complaint, FOI will need to use and keep personal information about me - for example, how to contact me and details about my complaint and sometimes sensitive personal information.
  2. I understand that this might include collecting information about me from the business I've complained about and possibly sharing information with other parties - for example, other businesses that may have been involved in my complaint.
  3. I understand FOI have a duty to publish the handling result on the website - with consumer's details removed.