Privacy and Website Security Policy

Welcome to the website of FOI. The section below explains how any personal information provided when visiting this website is collected, used and secured.

Privacy Policy

  1. Ⅰ. Scope of this policy
    This privacy policy covers the collection, use and security of information associated with visitor activity on this website. It does not cover outside websites which may be accessed via links on this website, nor does it apply to personnel not commissioned to perform tasks related to this website, nor to those not involved in the management of this website.
  2. Ⅱ. Collection, processing and use of personal information
    • A. This website collects no personally identifying information during simple browsing or downloading.
    • B. Visitors who use any of this website's online application services will be asked to provide personal information necessary to process requests, which may include the visitor's name, national ID number, most current and accurate contact phone number, email address, mailing address and registered address.
    • C. This website records visit-specific information such as visitor IP address, duration of visit and pages viewed. This data is collected for internal use by website management to analyze site traffic and browsing behavior in order to improve this website's quality of service. Such analysis is performed in aggregate only and never applied to individual visitors.
    • D. This website is obligated to protect the privacy of online applicants. Personal information and other data will not be modified or deleted except upon visitor request or under any of the following conditions:
      1. In response to a lawful request.
      2. To protect or maintain a visitor's interests or ownership rights.
      3. To protect the rights and interests of the related units responsible for this website.
    • E. This website in no way permits the arbitrary sale, sharing or leasing of any personal information to outside groups, individuals or private enterprises, with the following exceptions.
      1. As required by a lawful investigation conducted by a judicial authority.
      2. As required by an inquiry from or the use by an authorized organization in the execution of its duties.
      3. Based on a good-faith belief that disclosure is required by law, or for management use in the protection, maintenance or upgrade of website services.
  3. Ⅲ. Responsibilities of visitors to this website
    The related units responsible for this website reserve the right to deny use of some or all services by visitors who provide inaccurate or false information.
  4. Ⅳ. Data security
    The computers hosting this website are all equipped with firewalls, anti-virus systems and other necessary data security equipment and measures. Stringent protection measures have been adopted to secure this website and the personal information of visitors, and only authorized personnel may access visitors' personal information. Staff charged with processing data are required to sign confidentiality agreements, and any violations of such agreements are subject to punishment under relevant law.
  5. Ⅴ. Links to outside websites
    This website contains links to outside websites. These links when clicked will take visitors to third-party websites. Please be advised that these outside websites are not covered by this website's privacy and security policy. Visitors should consult the respective privacy and security policies of these outside websites.
  6. Ⅵ. Use of cookies
    This website makes use of cookies, which are text files containing small amounts of information and which are stored on a visitor's device. Visitors may opt to refuse cookies by adjusting browser settings to a high level of privacy. However, the refusal of cookies may disable some functions of this website.

Website Security Policy

To ensure website security and provide uninterrupted service to all online users, this website takes the following security protection measures:

  1. Ⅰ. A firewall has been installed to limit access to designated ports and block illegal intrusion. This prevents illegal use of this website and protects the rights of users.
  2. Ⅱ. An internet intrusion detection system is in place to monitor network traffic and block malicious activity.
  3. Ⅲ. Anti-virus software has been installed to provide users with a safe environment for browsing the webpages of FOI.
  4. Ⅳ. Software is used to detect website vulnerabilities by scanning the network at irregular intervals. Appropriate measures are then taken to remediate vulnerabilities.
  5. Ⅴ. Simulated cyberattacks on the network are staged at irregular intervals to test system procedures for recovering from cybersecurity incidents and to ensure this website's uninterrupted operation.
  6. Ⅵ. Backup operations are performed on a regular basis.
  7. Ⅶ. The appropriate patches are updated regularly as recommended in security notices from operating system and application program vendors.

For any questions or comments regarding this website's privacy and security policy, please contact the FOI at any time.

This privacy and website security policy is subject to change at any time. Any revision of the terms will be posted on this website.

Last Update:2021-10-28
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