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According to Financial Consumer Protection Act, article 24, where any one of the situations listed below applies with respect to a financial consumer who applies to institute an ombudsman case, the ombudsman body shall decide not to acceptable the application, and shall provide written notification to the financial consumer and the financial services enterprise; provided, however, that if the situation can be corrected, the ombudsman body shall notify the financial consumer to make correction within a reasonable time limit:

  1. The application was not filed properly.
  2. The matter is not a financial consumer dispute.
  3. The applicant did not first file a complaint with the financial services enterprise.
  4. The financial services enterprise is still handling the complaint that was filed with it, and it has not yet been more than 30 days since the filing.
  5. The application was submitted after the statutory time limit.
  6. A party to the dispute lacks standing.
  7. The applicant has previously applied to institute an ombudsman case in accordance with this Act, and the case failed to achieve a resolution.
  8. A final and irrevocable court judgment has been rendered on the subject of an application to institute an ombudsman case, or a mediation, ombudsman, compromise, conciliation, or arbitration procedure has resulted in a successful resolution of the matter.
  9. Other situations as may be specified by the competent authority.
Last Update:2023-02-03
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