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Financial Ombudsman Institution Chairperson

  • Financial Ombudsman Institution Chairperson-I-Ching Tu
  • I-Ching Tu


    1. Ph.D., Hitotsubashi University, Japan


    1. Member of the Mediation Committee, The Securities and Futures Investors Protection Center
    2. Director of Taiwan Trust Association
    3. Supervisor, Board of Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association of The R.O.C.
    4. Member of Prosecutor Evaluation Committee, Ministry of Justice
    5. Committee member of Advisory Review, Ministry of Health and Welfare
    6. Dean & Professor, College of Law, National Taipei University

Financial Ombudsman Institution Ombudsman Committee Chair and President

  • Financial Ombudsman Institution Chairperson-Professor Chun-Wei Lo
  • Chun-Wei Lo


    1. Ph.D. in Risk Management and Insurance, National Chengchi University


    1. Ombudsman Committee Chair and President of the Financial Ombudsman Institution (FOI)
    2. Professor, Department of Law, Chung Cheng University (CCU)
    3. Director of the Civil and Commercial Law Center, College of Law, CCU
    4. Department Chair; Vice Dean of the College of Law, CCU
    5. Adjunct Professor, Department of Law, National Chung Hsing University
    6. Adjunct Professor, Department of Law, Tunghai University
    7. Adjunct Professor, Risk managment and insurance Department, Tamkang University
    8. Review Committee Member for Professional Judges at the Judicial Yuan
    9. Review Committee Member for Property Insurance, Personal Insurance, and Investment-Type Insurance Policies at the Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan
    10. Arbitrator at the Arbitration Association of Taiwan
    11. Director of the Taiwan Maritime Law Association
    12. Director of the Taiwan Insurance Law Association
    13. Member of the Consumer Protection Committee, Chiayi County Government
    14. Specialist, Marine Insurance Department, China (now Mega) Property Insurance Company
    15. Specialist, Marine Insurance Department, Central (now Nan Shan) Property Insurance Company
    16. Manager, Legal Department, Panama-based Yitong Shipping Company
    17. Manager, Legal Department, Hong Kong-based Dexiang Shipping Company


    1. Maritime Law, Insurance Law, Civil Law, International Admiralty Law
Last Update:2023-10-02
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