1998 Direct Line for Financial Service and Ombudsman Service

  1. If you do not understand Chinese and you need help regarding the financial consumer dispute, please dial 1998 for further assistance. More information click here

    1998 Direct Line for Financial Service
    The scope of service includes enquiry and complaint about banking, insurance, securities and futures, examination business, financial disputes and negotiation of debts,etc.
  2. If you want to know how to use the ombudsman service, you can go to the English website of the FOI. More information click here

    The Financial Ombudsman Institution (FOI) is established under the provisions of Chapter III and Article 13 of the FCPA as an independent incorporated foundation to fairly, reasonably, and effectively resolve disputes between financial consumer and financial services enterprise.
  3. If your question is not regarding the financial consumer dispute, but regarding the service related to new residents, you can refer to the information on the IFI Network+ website. More information click here

    In addition to integrating new residents’ life, employment, education, health and other related benefits and rights, the website also provides 7 languages to facilitate new residents’reading.
    Việt Nam越南
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